6 February 2014

DIY // Geo Box

This DIY is inspired Zü le Blog's template. I have just enlarged it and decorated it differently. I have modified the template.
If you would like to see her printable template click here

Let's Begin!

You will need:
 template (beneath)
paint//washi-tape//pens (to decorate)
scissors//craft knife

Cut the bold lines
glue the Gs

If you want, you can just print this template out, but I think that it turns too small to hold anything.

What I did was cut out an equilateral triangle with 8cm sides,
then used it as a stencil to recreate the above template.
This means you can make it the size you want.

this is what mine ended up like,
I painted the other side (which will be the inside black)

Fold along the lines

Using the triangle stencil you used to draw out the template, 
draw and cut out 15 identical triangles to cover the template with.

I used my watercolours and made them all pretty pastel colours.

I then just used a black pen to outline the stripes.

Paper clip the sides up so you can plan what goes each side

Then plan which triangles you are going to put on which sides.

Then unfold your template and stick on the triangles,
leaving the 6 triangle you need to glue

 You can fill it with anything!
washi tape

I filled mine with my favourite lip balms to keep close to my desk.

Hope you enjoyed and were inspired to make your own geo ball.

Martha xo

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