22 September 2014

Illustration Inspiration

This world is filled with so many amazing illustrators, and my list of inspirations are endless, so I narrowed it down to a few of my absolute favourites.
So without rambling on more, today I thought I'd share my illustration inspirations.

1 // Carson Ellis // I love her unique style of capturing people and her illustrations in the 'Wildwood Chronicles' are to die for!

2 // Alex T. Smith // I found Alex's blog a few months ago and have been admiring his illustrations ever since.
3 // Yelena Bryksenkova // I love the chaotic clash of patterns and her delicate style of painting.
4 // Jon Klassen // Jon's illustrations in his book 'This Is Not My Hat' are so adorable and I love how sweet he makes his characters look!
5 // Oana Befort // Last but certainly not least Oana Befort's watercolours are a massive inspiration to me. She has such perfectionist detail and beautiful ideas.

See you next week, I have a fun DIY planned so look forward to that!

Martha xo

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